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Chase Milligan at Reno Tournament of Champions

Freshman Chase Milligan battles on the mat in the Reno Tournament of Champions, walking away with a record of 4-2 and two pins.

SPRING CREEK – The Spring Creek Spartans ranked 28th out of 120 teams at the Reno Tournament of Champions.

“The Reno Tournament of Champions is the toughest tournament we will attend this season,” said Spring Creek wrestling coach Wade Pehrson. “Teams travel from all over the country: California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona and Oregon.”

Freshman Chase Milligan set a record of 4-2 with two pins in his 106 weight class, leading the Spartan’s.

Supporting their lead, junior Josh Tripp had a record of 3-2 with three pins in the 120 weight class.

Following Tripp, senior Xzavier Edson sustained a 3-2 record with two pins in the 170 weight class, and sophomore Jeff Guthrie battled to keep a 3-2 record with two pins in the 195 weight class.

“Overall, we wrestled well as a team. The wrestlers are improving each week. They are taking what we are practicing and using it in their matches,” Pehrson said. “Chase Milligan, Josh Tripp, Dyllan Fuchs, and Jeff Guthrie all battled into day two of the tournament, which is a huge accomplishment.”

Milligan and Guthrie battled the farthest for the Spartans, making it one round away from getting into the medals.

Junior varsity

Spring Creek’s junior varsity squad performed exceptionally well at the Lovelock Invitational, placing third out of 23 teams.

The team had a total of eight wrestlers who placed.

First-place finishers were freshmen Q Boyd and Beau Chacon.

Sophomore Marc Piazza carried second place for the Spartans.

A third-place trio included sophomores Jacob Taylor and Joey MacDiarmid and senior Gabriel Scripter.

State qualifier Kodis Campbell placed fourth alongside his teammate, sophomore Hunter Hood, at the invitational.

“The Spartans will continue to work hard over Christmas break and attend the Sierra Nevada Classic on December 28 and 29, which is another 90-team tournament,” said Pehrson.

The varsity will hit the mat at the Sierra Nevada Classic Tournament on Dec. 28 and 29 in Reno.



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