well put.

Open Range, since you are apparently on a first name basis with Ms. Leigh and Ms. Kathrens, why not use your real name instead of hiding behind your moniker and all the buzzwords you use. Go back to YOUR land with your private domestic cattle. Ranchers need to keep their cows on their land, …

Your and my tax dollars are funding keeping over 50,000 wild horses in pens. And funding the contracts for rounding them up. And occasionally paying people to make them disappear. Don't you wish you had a piece of that gubmint funded pie?
All so private interests can profit from public…

Nope. check out some maps of "Herd Management Areas". Wild horses have been zeroed out in many areas, reduced to non-viable levels in many more. You need to quit spouting off non-truths like they're facts.

If they could migrate like they've done for thousands of years, you wouldn't be seeing this. I'm not demanding anyone do anything but quit managing our public lands for private profit.

How are the cattle are doing in this area's grazing allotments?
This is propaganda to inculcate people with the idea that wild horse roundups are necessary and that they, like despised welfare lifestyles, are "dependent on the federal government to provide resources — water, most …

Neo-pagen environmentalist! Have Mercy!
Anybody in ranching knows how destructive livestock is if not managed to prevent overgrazing, soil erosion and habitat destruction. You can do what you want on your own property but public lands need to be protected and preserved and managed for t…

If ranchers paid market prices for grazing on public lands, there would far fewer people opposed their destructive and self-serving private agenda. Public lands are clearly being managed by the BLM for the local good ole boys and their cronies. Time to shine a light on it, preserve wildlife …

"how the Federal Government stole these lands from those states?"
I thought they stole it from the Native Americans. Now it belongs to all Americans. The constitution doesn't guarantee an individual's right to make money from a public natural resource.

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