Center for Biological Diversity hacks, Native American pawns of the enviro-left, Reps of the Vegas based Dem Party Congresscriminalz, a bunch of crybaby NIMBYs. Wow!!! Sounds like a party!
No! Of course this was not a partisan function.
Please, Trump, issue the Executive Order to dr…

Hahaha!!!! Which Elko real estate agency paid to have this article written?

The swimming pool?!?! Hahaha!!!!! Elko is a total dump. Downtown is dying.
Homeless bums are taking over town. Meth is rampant. Pill mill doctors are "caring" for everyone and PACE is making sure everyone stays with the legal drugs... BUT THE SWIMMING POOL!!!!!

Whatever, Larry. I almost died of heatstroke this week.

WOW...you are REALLY gonna get your nose in a twist when marijuana is legalized on the federal level, and that's gonna happen soon.

Woof. And they say the worst food in the world can be found in Britain. Someone call Gordon Ramsay. He could film an entire season in Elko!!

Elkoholic commented on Rural leaders see challenges ahead

Poor Northern NV Republicans are so out of touch with the rest of the population these days. They live in a 1950s era bubble, focusing on social issues such as marijuana phobia and abortion. In other areas of the country, Republicans have attracted the younger crowd, but not here. It's prett…

Demar Dahl gave Adam the kiss of death. Adam should have run the other way from him, nobody wants to be associated with a failure of a politician.

Elkoholic commented on Fire burns through Lamoille Canyon

You are so right. We all know there are 4 things to do in Elko. Number 4 being: go to church.

It takes an event like this for the fair board to consider removing the janky carnival? Holy cow. The fair is a whole chat show of uncontrolled drinking, child molesters running amok, police officers operating a concession stand and serving booze to folks till they drunk drive away, etc. It…