this will ensure that the Trump Dynasty could possibly live for over 100 years. All we have to do is be sure the dead can continue voting in the elections.

Bloomersberg doesn't need to run for POTUS to overthrow the government and the Constitution and take away our freedoms when he can bankroll states politicians to do the job for him. Until the residents decide to throw out these politicians who perjured themselves on their oaths of office. T…

They better be careful of what they wish for. Could this wind up as a whole legacy of the Trumps in the Whitehouse. MAGA 2060?

SB 143 should not have even made it as far as it did. Laxalt should have denied the initiative to even be on the ballot as unconstitutional.
Every politician who voted on this bill also took a oath of office according to Nevada's laws. NRS 282.020 
 Form of official oath.  Members…

Every democrat that signed this bill along with the governor, perjured themselves when they took the oath of office to defend the Constitution. This is a infringement on the 2nd Amendment and also a attack on the 9th Amendment.
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, sha…

The greed of our local government is getting outrageous. Lets start a petition to cut their wages. What will be the next business one of the city council members wants to target. Could it be yours? Your rental property.? Your land because they need another ball field?

Sounds like he also has a new bridge for sale. Yep.

What's the big deal with separating children from their mothers. The democrats with their holier than the Pope attitude have been doing it for decades with their support of Planed Parenthood. They intentionally kill over 630,000 kids per year.

Sixteen of the 17 counties will also benefit from the added sales tax increase including Elko. Now just who benefits? It darn sure isn't the person who's buying goods. Sure it helps some but not most of the residents. You're wrong on this one John. Could be why people aren't shopping locally.

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