Nutters got to her somehow... Sad.

Note that none of the "law enforcement' groups in the area are assisting with this effort. Considering that Silver was killed by one of 'their own' I suppose that this isn't surprising.

Actually they have a clever idea here. Rather than pay legitimate and fair share taxes they get their employees to dig into their own pocket. What they cough up to help their community Newmont then grabs credit for doing such good things!

Clever but...

Before you go on extolling the wonderful efforts of the mining companies tax contributions, please learn how they are able to avoid really paying their fair share. This was a point of discussion the last state legislative session but they were able to pay off enough politicos to continue pa…

fredge commented on Invest a day's pay

Fine example of local citizens taking charge of getting a needed educational institution going only to have the politicos drop the ball once a continuing effort is needed.

Looking for the short term, in the case of the politicos, rather than maintaining something needing long term support.

Mighty good of you to concede the fact that a law passed some 150 years ago might need some tweaking.

Your attack on the politician is meaningless though.

Thanks for the effort.

About time something might be done. Now to get the mining companies to actually pay their fair share of state taxes rather than play games in calculating their profits/losses.

Neither will ever pass into law but it's nice to hope...

Reality strikes yet again!

Of course the amount of taxpayer money spent is not going to be mentioned. Now the County seems to be on the hook to spend even more for maintenance of this 'trail'. Must make sense to some but...

Seems that the writer either never watched or remembers a great episode of Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs" some years back.

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