Seems that some of these gun loving folk will do whatever they think it take to keep guns in the hands of potentially violent offenders.


Welcome, again, to Elko Senator!!!

Not being a person afraid of the world around me, I do not see a need to become a CCW permit holder. Perhaps I should do so I could potentially have protection from those who believe they are better than the rest of we folks?

CCW holders are above the law, never bad folk or criminals - you gotta be kidding me!

Further greasing the skids of corruption - go for it!

Commissioner Steniger has stated that he feels Big Pharma shouldn't be held liable in any way for the opioid crisis. Not exactly a person who could be reliable to support any health department initiative.

Blameless drug manufacturers? Back to the cave dwellers society guys - “I really don’t believe in holding the manufacturers of something responsible for the misuse of whatever they produced. I don’t blame the gun manufacturers for the misuse of guns. I don’t blame the opioid manufacturers…

Wonderful the the plant has been identified in its own location.

We know that the "rape, ruin and run" folks will wipe it out in a heartbeat.

Once one gets a promotion to 'assistant manager' with uniform to match you can order all minions below you at will? Quite a wanker WalMart has there - all the more reason to not do business with them


Hillary did it!

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