John Ellison you certainly have our votes.

Well thank God it's the weekend so government offices don't have to shit down.

gdubya69 commented on NNRH honored with quality award

They are a joke. We were trying to get my wifes medical records from 2006 forward. When we got them they came in a large box. Then we got the bill for over a thousand dollars. As we were going through the records, 8 out of 10 pages said "no records found". They were charging us .2…

gdubya69 commented on NNRH honored with quality award

I couldn't agree more. That's why my wife's doctors told us if she has another seizure to get her in the car and driver her to Las Vegas. Instead of wasting 6 to 8 hours here while they do nothing.

gdubya69 commented on NNRH honored with quality award

What bull crap

I don't have any experience with this under ground but in an open pit the system is a joke.

This is the second accident I've read about that resulted in a fatality that people have LOVED. What is wrong with people?

Best policy is to always treat any gun like its loaded. Don't aim it at anything you don't intend to kill.

If you worked out there for very long, you would just sit back and laugh the whole while reading this article. Its being managed and technologically driven right into the ground. They want more done with less all the time, which is understandable. Current management will talk big about all t…

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