Not a single mask 😷 in any of the pics🤦‍♂️! The lowlights will be coming in about 10-15 days with the rise of virus cases from holding this stupid event.

Ivy commented on Elko District Court

If you picked your nose your head would cave in!

It’s all about $$$$$$! The local law enforcement, county commissioners, city officials will do nothing to enforce it.

The “Big Gun” will be the people who get the virus and take it home to family members.

Will I have to wait for him to get his one bullet out 😂🤣

Just more Elko county stupidity!!!!

It will get way worse in 10 days with the 4th of July festivities! Sheriff Barney Fife needs to start enforcing the regulations but he is too busy covering up for the deputy that wrecked the the sheriff vehicle while he was off duty.

You just cannot fix stupidity!

I wonder why sheriff Barney Fife has not reported on the deputy sheriff wrecking a police vehicle while being off duty?

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