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A victory for freedom!

Jarvis McNeal commented on Spring Creek dues to increase in January

How much does that golf course cost to staff and maintain?

There we go, it's back again. :)

Elko Daily, why did you remove my post? Did you even bother reading it?


So this is where Trump comes in. I think he is the perfect image of selfishness, idiocy, and hogheaded narcissism that the planners of this world require to divide us further. He inspires equal amounts of hatred and bigotry from liberals and conservatives alike. Both …

I'm mostly liberal.

My aunt is a Trump supporter. Two of my uncles are Trump supporters. A plethora of my cousins are Trump supporters. I don't blame them for wanting something different for this country, and I don't think any of them are overtly racist or hateful. I won't be cuttin…

Just want to say: It's amazing how many people around here FAIL to pull over for police, fire trucks, and ambulances. I was driving to Elko from Spring Creek when the cops were heading out there, and I counted at least 6 times I saw people hanging out in the left lane, either oblivious or…

Jarvis McNeal commented on Gun-toting mom gets 90 days in jail

Packin heat at the school bus stop! What a clown.

World's largest bullfrog!

Jarvis McNeal commented on Letter: Trump headline was demeaning

Trump is in the business of offending people. It's his main selling point and his hound dogs slop it up with glee. This is a truly ugly time for this country, and slimebags are coming out of the woodwork. But maybe in retrospect this administration will be a blessing in disguise, in that …

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