Does anyone seriously think he is competent of being the President of the United States? I do not and I do not think he is competent of being an elected official. I think he is an corrupt ex politician.

The ol team is back together again.

I dont see one elected official here. Looks like they have dodged the law again.

jj commented on Casino gets last laugh

Stockmans is too sketchy for me. A rough crowd hangs out there. Last time i parked in the parking lot downtown my car window was busted out. Good luck with the laughs.

Another article without our beloved Ellison. Mia again.

Not one word of our beloved rep Ellison. MIA, again.

Our tax money be used to put lipstick on a pig. Who approved this? The owners of the Commercial have more than enough money to do this themselves. The city should condemn the building instead of put taxdollars into it. Its just my opinoin.

Church has gotten too politically correct. Whats happening. I didnt think they wanted to be called mormons anymore too, or even LDS.

That will teach him and the other pedophiles in Elko. This really sends the message to them all. Who ever recommended a reduced sentence should be exposed and outed and if an elected official, voted out of office.

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