Church has gotten too politically correct. Whats happening. I didnt think they wanted to be called mormons anymore too, or even LDS.

That will teach him and the other pedophiles in Elko. This really sends the message to them all. Who ever recommended a reduced sentence should be exposed and outed and if an elected official, voted out of office.

What this will do is force the employer to reduce the paid vacation time as well as other not so friend employee actions. They will have to. It is hard enough running a small business, now you have to pay even more.

This will allow the socialist and progressives to start busing people to the polls and not necessarily citizens.

No wonder we have a meth problem, the courts refuse to incarcerate these people. Here is a teacher using meth. Id be willing to bet that she is busted again for meth, maybe even other crimes. The judge who let her off with probation should be voted out of office. That is just my opinion.

Rosen could care less what happens in rural nevada. Her votes for the uber liberal laws show it. She must be in Elko to collect some campaign contributions from someone, i wonder who? Liberalism is a mental disorder, remember that, i truly believe it to be true.

That’s the worst. I am pretty sure I got food poisening there in January. I hope everyone who got sick is ok.

Talking about following the money, I am curious, what has Ellison done for the mining companies that he did not do for other businesses in his district.

Where is our beloved local elected officials on this. This is such a big deal our elected officials who represent us should be screaming at the top of their lungs, doing interviews with the new, doing all they can to represent us. I have not heard a peep from our beloved elected ones.

Actions are stronger than words. Why does he not put forth a bill instead of jabbering.

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