As a permit holder I generally ignore the signs except for government buildings. If the business owner makes out your conceal the most he can do is get you for trespassing if you refuse to leave.

This scumbag tweaker hangs around Carlin and has shaved his head.

(cont) My biggest crime is my size and my loud voice. But i NEVER EVER threatened her or did anything violent to her yet I'm the one being punished. She has struck me in the face a half dozen times or more and threw a knife at me. We are currently going thru divorce but it is very hard to do…

There should also safeguards put in place to protect men who have been wrongly accused of DV. I have been a victim of abuse from my wife for a long time. She threw a knife at me last year and that messed my head up real bad. In Feb, I finally asked for divorce. We got into an argument and bo…

The Constitution doesn't say anything about cars or dogs and the government wants to know about property because it's part of the country and they tax it. They don't need to know what guns I own and they don't need to tax them.

You could charge as little as a penny per yer and I wouldn't pay for your poor excuse of a newspaper.

nevnut commented on But we liked ‘free’

I used to be a regular buyer of the Elko Daily Free Press but stopped paying for it and started reading on line because the quality of the local paper has severely gone down hill since the Steningers sold it to some stupid conglomerate who could care less about the locals. Every day you repo…

Denny's has always had terrible food,everywhere I've tried. I will never eat there.

She owes the feds tax money, they were going to confiscate her property here in Nevada and sell it to help pay off her tax debt. She didn't actually owe Elko County.

nevnut commented on Man injures head during crash

[quote]Choonzer said: "Thanks nevnut, for the keen analysis. I'm sure your reflexes would NEVER cause YOU to over-correct in such a situation. Just can't resist kicking the guy while he's down, huh? Your comment says much more about you than him."[/quote]

Unfortunately I h…

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