There is going to be a meeting to propose changes in South Fork Resivoir and Humboldt river and it's tributaries water quality standard at the library on court st.
5-21-14 at 10:00

Did I read that right? Noble energy is going to do it's own regulations tasks of the company drilling. Just like Virginia or how about the BP cleanup in the gulf, by the way how is that going. They can pollute our water then just walk away or pay a fine that is so minimal in comparison to p…

A family in Aruba Texas just was awarded 3 million for poisoning them. Headwated for the Humbolt river is the Mary's River Valley. Ground water always follows surface water. Good luck with that North Texas!

You need to do the research yourself
What is the Halliburton loop hole
What is horizontal drilling
What is in fracking fluid
How much water does it take to drill a well
Why is regulations on private land wells different than public land
How far back from the well is t…

This is about fracking Mr. Bundy is being tossed off his land because of the desert tortoise scapegoat curveball, but the BLM has systematically remove 31 other ranchers in the area to turn leases over to natural gas companies. Anonymous has fired a shot over the BLMS head threatening to at…

The Obama administration is coming for your water for fracking. Oh sorry, "The Clean Energy Act," what a joke!

New Indian name "stupidly"

Why is everyone in Elko jumping on the Obama Administrations so called "Clean Energy Act" of fracking when it's doing so much damage to ranch lands in other states. where is the republican outcry on this shame that will steal our heritage of hunting and ranching to Wall Street fat …

Everyone in Elko must be drinking the fracking cool aid. I know you own a computer why don't you use it to research this subject. I dare you, such as; what is the Halliburton loop hole, how much water does it take to frack a well, if it so clean why do they have to store it forever, why is f…

sounds like they want your water for Fracking.

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