Retired Special Forces Black Water contractor.

DSL is by far the fastest and reliable but we need other competitors because Frontier has a monology over DSL.[huh]
Elko Citizens don’t understand [whistling] without a dial tone (DLS line) when you call 911 over your cell phone, your call is routed to a third party before getting to th…

Look at Zamora’s picture, how he thinks he is so bad, [cool]but you can tell he is sacred. [scared]
When he gets to prison, and 240lbs, 6 ft tall men have there way with him,[beam][lol][censored]
Zamora will be crying in his sell, mommy!!!. [crying][ohmy]
To bad he didn’t learn r…

John Stevens, you are a perfect example of the phrase coined by Michael Savage: [huh]
“Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” [lol] Your appearance is just like that Gloablist pig Soros.[ohmy] Why don’t you die already.[rolleyes][whistling]

Remember his name, Dylan J. Chantrill, 18, we will be hearing about him for the next 8 years until he goes to prison.[sad][scared] How about Tony A. Pressler, 36[unsure] the robber of Dotty’s casino 2018.[scared] His criminal record with the city of Elko [angry]starts in 2006 with a DUI, thr…

Hey Brian Sandoval, why are you allowing this to happen, [angry]
you incompetent piece of trash.[ohmy]
You’re a traitor to the US and Nevada constitution.[sneaky]

Why do Americans have to make a deal with Mexico in-order to share water from Colorado? [angry] Since when does the Bureau of Reclamation and the water agencies have the authority to spend my tax dollars on Mexico?[ohmy]

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and water agencies in Arizona and California would provide $31.5 million for water efficiency improvements in Mexico through 2026.
The Southern Nevada Water Authority is making deals with Arizona and Mexico to ensure enough H20 in the years to come for the Las …

Let them eat cake!![ohmy]

A foreign country [angry] takes your natural resources and in return gives you crumbs.[sad] Let them eat!![ohmy]

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