The republican party should reach out to the independent voters when it comes to elections as they can help. They missed the oppurtunity this election.

What will become of the 45k horses in holding when the Govt finally realizes that they can not longer afford to pay for their them and returning them is not an option?

Ronny commented on 100 horses die from drought

Strong words to Mother Nature.

Will the areas get some after they have removed some wild horses?

You promote a book? Has your book been peered reviewed? Can you provide any peered reviewed research?
Devlin talks about grasshoppers: oogle tells me a grasshopper will eat half its body weight per day, and a typical grasshopper weighs 0.54 grams. This would seem to mean a typical …

What is the study in Utah and what infestation have occurred in the area they are gathering?

How would a group prevent :

Why do activist always say the horses will be slaughtered?

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