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It's a Trap! 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Threaten Gun Rights

Depending on Federal Judges to Protect Your Gun Rights Is a Bad Plan.
This is a really bad strategy.
At its core, the Second Amendment exists as a limit on federal authority. When you sue in federal court, you do so in the hope that the federal government will limit itself.

The 2nd Amend is a RESTRICTIVE admendment. It states such in the Preamble to Bill of Rights. the 2A does not grant nor convey any right, but RESTRICTS and PROHIBITS the government from infringing upon this enumerated, pre-existing, God given right.
Background checks are essenti…

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It's a Trap!
2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Threaten Gun Rights

voting on gun rights?
Gun Control/restrictions, etc are UnConstitutional and such enumerated, recognized and protected Rights are NOT subject to popular vote by The people. The States are asking the People to vote their own rights away!!!!

Only slaves ask permission to exercise the…

Universal Background Checks will send us much further down road to giving the Andrew Cuomos of the world the registration lists they need for gun confiscation. But we still won’t be able to stop creeps like Adam Lanza from circumventing those background checks (he stole his weapons) and atta…

If you are one that believes the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of what is lawful and constitutional, then you have believed a lie and a myth that Jefferson warned about. The States still retain their rights to this day to defy the federal judiciary, which has become an oligarcy. We just…

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