How about addressing gang violence in your own countries to start with. Pure BS.

I for one, am really pleased that Mr Bristow is making an effort to communicate with the citizens of the community. The dependence of the community on the mines and the mines dependence on the community demands good communications. Without good communication then rumors run rampant and it is…

I do not recall voting for or giving authority for anything to the Liberal Loonie Brady Bunch. Back off, we owe you nothing, just leave us alone we did nothing to you - pretty simple right. Not interested in what you paid TROLLS have to say been there before still nothing real

Knock off the racist "first Hispanic" he did a good job that is what's important. Stop perpetuating the racist nonsense.

My question is how much of the area surrounding the Rubies will be included. Sometimes they turn into land grabs with BLM cops patrolling the borders.

Back off Zeff you just cast disparagement on a young man you don't know and you know nothing of the situation. I can tell you these young men who do the hard work of keeping the mining machines running work work hard under pressure few know or understand. Do not disrespect him or his family…

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