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While I don't disagree, and your article is a valid starting point. This is a very naïve position, considering that the Las Vegas shooter, San Bernadino shooter, and Pulse Night Club shooter (to name a few) were all adults. Don't get me wrong, I love hunting, and have been around guns my en…

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Minus the fact that the mines are automating the entire process.

Also, got some sources that prove your point that there, 'so much gosh darn gold in the ground?' Unlikely.

Also, why is the newest mine closer to Wendover than Elko if there is so much gold closer to town?

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Love it when people from outside our town are telling us how to develop our land. Elko needs to diversify its economy. The sooner the better. Especially, since newmont is already beginning to lay folks off. Mining will not last forever. We risk being like Goldfield, NV if we do not diversify…

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What exactly is bull spit?

I definitely won't be divulging that for sometime.

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And yet most illegal immigration comes from VISA holders overstaying their VISAs, but no mention on how to curb that. How about using predator drones equipped w/ night vision/thermal vision/ LIDAR (for finding tunnels that have been in use since at least 2000) you could also use this for tra…

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Good one! I actually do try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but in the mean time, let me know when he gets more than two major policy victories!! [beam]

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The only "derangement" is that you believe anything that simpleton (Trump) says.

Or ya know, Republicans that are running statewide elections moderate themselves. Am I the only person that noticed that any Republican that tied themselves to Trump lost in state wide elections lost?

Also, just to point out there are 21 house seats in Las Vegas alone (which is wh…

When NK came to the table? The summit? Which was deemed an abysmal failure by Trump’s own cabinet. Let’s not forget about lashing out at our allies and embracing nationalism. Nationalism, you might recall, was a large reason that led to WWII.

Please, NATO has been paying their fair sha…

he Citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy: a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship It is now no more that toleration is spok…